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Rules and Terms of Use of the TheAnGeLs Web Portal:

Rules and Terms for all visitors on TheAnGeLs Portal (TAp):

1. Every TAp user is required observe the laws of the Czech Republic and ensure that his TAp activity does not put at risk the TAp, the operation of the server on which the TAp is operated or other TAp users.

2. TAp uses "cookies", which is the storage of information on the client's computer. TAp uses "cookies" because the webpage needs this technology to serve the visitor correctly. Without the use of cookies, TAp functionality is very limited, which can lead to incorrect TAp functionality in general. If you do not agree with this TAp requirement, leave TAp without delay. More about "cookies" can easily be found at

3. All information (images, posts, etc.) that a user inserts or writes on the TAp becomes the property of TAp and TAp (through administrators) has the right to continue to dispose of them at their discretion (delete, move, copy, etc.).

4. TAp Administrators will do their best to ensure that the content of the TAp is not harmful, but the TAp is not responsible and liable for any potential damage to the computer or other device, or for any user's harm, caused by view or use of the TAp and its contents.

Rules and Terms for Registered Members of TheAnGeLs Portal (TAp):

1. Securing user and sensitive information is a priority for TAp. Embedded sensitive information is encrypted, which guarantees high protection against misuse even in the cause of data leakage.

2. TAp undertakes do not knowingly to provide any sensitive data or information (date of birth, email, address, etc.) to third parties (except for the request of the Czech republic police).

3. The TAp does not guarantee the leak of information in case of negligence or levity of the user (disclosure of his password to a third person, etc.).

4. All information (images, contributions, data, etc.) is backed up and managed with the utmost care available for TAp, but the TAp is not liable for any loss of stored data in general and can not be claimed in any cause.

5. TAp reserves the right to delete the stored data in an exceptional case, without prior notice. An extraordinary case is, for example, a situation where the data could be abused or misused, or a situation in which the stored data could threaten or threaten the operation of the server on which the TAp is running.

6. The user has the option of deleting his account at any time, but only if he / she has access to the account. No administrator or anyone else can delete the account on demand. If the account is deleted, the account is permanently and completely deleted.
However, if an entry (such as a forum post, article, etc.) on the TAp has been made with the account - before it is deleted - all entries associated with this account will stay and will be still posted under the account name. Moreover the account that has made a public input on TAp will be blocked forever for new registration after it's delete. (Exception see 7).

7. The administrator has right to delete the account completely and irrevocably in exceptional cases (such as unreasonable account creation, SPAM, account in violation of Czech law or TAp rules, etc.), even with all data entries created by this account.